Faecal Transplant w/Gwaing 29.10.2021

3 Nov 2021

New residents, Gwaing present the first episode of Faecal Transplant – live for the next two hours! 📡

Faecal Transplant features snapshots from the varying outputs of a number of sound collectives, who strongly relied or rely on free improvisation, both on stage and in the art gallery. These include themselves, Gwaing, our noisier sister band, Ski Crime, Pauline Oliveros with Reynols, Khoi Khonnexion/Garth Erasmus, Cosey Fanni Tutti, the Electronic Ladyland mixtape, Gaivln Keiln, Die Tödliche Doris, Mitch Glob/Coffin Soup, and hashtag_blacknoise.

Often the boundaries between artists blur, and in each instance the notion of freedom is stretched beyond as many physical and conceptual boundaries as may be encountered.