Membership Function w/Chris Timm 06.07.2021

Membership Function  |  7 Jul 2021

“Since I was doing this episode from home I wanted to do it a little differently to how I normally do things. I had a butt load of field recordings from me practising piano, to me messing around with my friends to the sound of machinery. Months passed in between the recording of most of these recordings so to me it feels like this sort of time machine that plays back these quick snapshots. I wanted to stay away from chucking all these clips into Rekordbox and arranging them like that. I wanted more control so a lot of what you’re hearing is time-stretched/Paul stretched, or has delay, resonators or reverb thrown on but hopefully that doesn’t take away too much from the essence of the sound. I wanted to also bring out certain parts of these recordings so for example there is a recording of popcorn being made while my housemate Nathan plays the keys. That audio converted to midi and playing the popcorn on a 909 kit and Ableton’s best approximation of what Nathan was playing. There’s a lot of other stuff happening in here that I couldn’t be bothered to explain but that’s the basic idea behind the show. If I can give one piece of advice to anyone listening it would be to put this on in the background and not think about it too much hahahah. Shoutout my homies and shoutout Nic and Sam for jamming with me.”

Chris Timm is back on his biweekly Membership Function residency, giving us the third episode of Hamshack From Home.