Safe Space W/ Mandy Alexander 19.09.2020

Safe Space w/Mandy Alexander  |  20 Sep 2020

Mandy Alexander starts her HSR residency “Safe Space” presenting a moment to talk about the electronic dance music scene in South Africa. Combining the politics of the dance floor with a diverse palette of music, we get to consciously groove. Enjoy a mix of touching vocals, electro, deep house, and techno in the premier episode. Music from Anthony Nicholson, Closet Yi, Ray Bennet , and Ace Mo.
Anthony Nichoslon – Azimuth 
Closet Yi – Honeymoon Junction
Adham Zahran – Ripple Universe
Elka – Closer
Ray Bennett – Zenith Master
Ace Mo – Follow the Light
Madafi Pierre – Mr. Right
Nicholas ft. Madafi Pierre – Catch the Sun (Deep Mix)
Madafi Pierre Recreation by Jus-Ed – I Don’t Mind Walking
Daniel Maunick – Until the End