Slow Down w/Jaywalker (James Blyth) 26.08.2020

Slow Down  |  27 Aug 2020

@jaaamesblyth takes over from @codylosper on tonight’s episode of Slow Down. Expect an hour and a half of dub with tracks from Advanced Dreams, Rhythm & Sound, Ludowick + more. 
“Echos down an empty dusty corridor. Deep reverberations from under the ground. Sounds from outer space. Rhythms of drums from our ancestors.
Dub holds a very special place in my heart, and my journey discovering what it has to hold began strangely and unexpectedly.
Down an alleyway, the shuddering metal of a garage door. Wondering what lays behind, making such a noise.
A noise which changed my hopes, goals and dreams. One of peace, love and unity.
To my right the DJs stood, in front an audience exalting.
and at the back, the wall of sound. There, my mind was free.
He sang to Jah. The strums of his unplugged guitar still echo in my mind.
Tikiman, the master himself, singing in his home studio. Now I see, I didn’t even know.
This journey of mine has only just started, but I have decided it is one worth walking.”
Image by Brittany Hurrell