Township Finds w/Abijah The Bishop 28.05.2021

7 Jun 2021

“As someone who digs a lot, it excites me to announce that I will be sharing every South African record that I find”

Ntokozo “Abijah” Khuzwayo is a dynamic record collector, music researcher, curator, and entrepreneur. Abijah was exposed to music from a young age, having grown up in a household where music was a staple facet of the family – this has had a huge influence on him as a music collector and researcher and his extensive knowledge of music transcends boundaries. “The Bishop” as Abijah is affectionately known to his followers and music enthusiasts has reputation for introducing his audience to new songs and sounds. Although his sets are heavily jazz influenced his music knowledge is broad and extensive and his sets represent this. As result. His sets are musically diverse and can have carefully selected and arranged pieces of hard jazz, soft jazz, free jazz, avant-garde, funk disco, indigenous music and sounds, and Afrobeat. 
As a music collector his technical attributes have been widely lauded.-He has the ability to read the crowd and moods of the day which makes him a fan favourite especially amongst local jazz enthusiasts.