Wax On Wednesdays w/Tadhg and Manny 30.09.2020

Household Residents  |  2 Oct 2020

Tadhg & Manny each present a 40 min selection of their favorite classic South African sounds. Tadhg offers an intimate session of South Africa Jazz with artists such Hugh Masekela and Moses Molelekwa while Manny presents some of his top classic South Africa R&B, Kwaito and Hip-hop picks from artists such as HHP and Boom Shaka. In between their respective mixes Tadhg and Manny also put forward music from their favorite local artists that have been releasing music over the last year and during lockdown; including Hartleyvale – Sketches, Rxsolo – Shadow realm, Shwanye – Murda, Paz Shina – 16 Yvl and Gourmet – Sue Played here. Almost all the music mentioned above can be found on Bandcamp and the artists can be found on Instagram. Support local!!!