Xylem w/Aikroma 10.02.2021

Xylem  |  12 Feb 2021

Aikroma. ‘a-‘: prefix meaning ‘not’, ‘without’. ‘chroma’: in reference to colour.
Literally no one knows who Aikroma is, not even Aikroma. How does he do it? Dissociative disorder.
Through the power of dissociation, Aikroma has completely lost his grip on reality. Asking questions such as “Who am I?”, “Whose yoghurt is this?”, and “Why does this snare sound so shit?” is how he likes to spend his days.
Aikroma is totally colourblind which is his excuse for redlining all the time. Aikroma also considers techno to be his only friend, but techno has never even heard of Aikroma so that’s awkward.