ChiNdanga! Mixtape Radio w/Nyauist

ChiNdanga! Radio is a free media project. Currently working on an experimental practice of art making and archiving, which explores spatial, sonic, visual and emotional terrains with the aim of constructing situations in which people experience real freedom. 

“We call the study ‘Decolonial Situationist Praxis’, since it encompasses decoloniality and the psychogeography of the neo-colonial city for the purpose of constructing decolonial situations that catalyze the deconstruction of the neo-colonial society of the spectacle.”

Nyauist, a drummer and multi-media artist based in Johannesburg. He has a transborder African heritage and his work draws from this. He is co-founder of Pungwe Nights and Freetown. As an archivist his techniques are bountiful and his sonic excursions include Post Chimurenga Postures, Pungwe Sound Trails and Somoscosmos Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

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