Wax On Wednesday

“Wax on Wednesday” is a bi-weekly show with no particular structure aimed at sharing a diverse range of timeless and ground breaking music. Shows can range from casual listening sessions to engaging discussions and from perfectly curated mixes to messy crate digging. Hosted by the Wax on Residents, “Wax on Wednesday” promises to deliver exciting and ever evolving stream of authentic sounds.

The Wax on Residents are made up of three friends that were based in Stellenbosch with a passion for sharing and playing music. As avid record collectors each in their own right, Tadhg, Tim and Manny began a series of musical showcasing’s on Wednesday evenings at Stellenbosch’s very own Courtyard Café, later called “Wax on Wednesday”. After much success in Stellenbosch over 2018/2019, the Residents set up another weekly listening session at the iconic Obz Café on Friday nights.