A Showcase of LA undergrounds art/music scenespot lighting circus friends and audio magicians from around the way and a few cosmic others from different places. Hop on the candy painted zamboni and take an audio acid trip on the radĀ safari with Shamon CassetteĀ in their vegan zebra fur drivers seat with diamond encrusted dice dangling in a triangular mirror as we cheer to the arena sounds of the new Hockey legion.Hold on to your horns!

*Imagine a hockey arena that didn’t play the same old  shit, washed out top 10 songs, the same hoopla everytime a player slaps the puck in the net.
*A playlist for clowns,freaks,weirdos,hippies, bookworms and hockey players.
*Official sounds from the pressbox of the world class Nebula Hockey Legion broadcasted on Hamshack Radio.